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Develop Your Business with AdvicePay Enterprise

Integrating fee-for-service is a key business development project for more and more financial planning firms. There are great reasons why AdvicePay is a worthy partner as you aim to grow your advisor and client population.

  • Personalize our system to your firm. Brand email, invoices, and Advisor and Client Portals with your firm’s logo for easy, consistent advisor/client experience. Customize messaging within AdvicePay’s automatic notifications to further your brand voice and value.
  • Market Access: Extend your business beyond AUM when you integrate fee-for-service with efficient workflows to manage fee-only billing and payment.
  • Operational Efficiency: Chasing paper checks can take 45+ business days from the time the customer provides payment to the advisor being paid. AdvicePay’s ACH processing reduces processing time to 9-11 business days and provides visibility of payment status to advisors and managers during the process.
  • Integrate fee-for-service into your business model. Minimize conflicts of interest when you allow clients to pay you directly for advice, apart from AUM fees or product sales.
  • Efficient Workflows: Manage all of your client agreements, payment agreements, and payments (and their status) in one place. AdvicePay’s eSignature integration allows you to upload your own documents, request signatures, and issue invoices — all in one workflow.
  • Recruit and retain younger talent in your firm. Open up client options for new advisors with fee-for-service offerings that enable them to establish lasting relationships with young clients while they build wealth.