Enterprise Pricing

Are you looking for a billing solution for your firm?

We’ve created a tiered pricing structure to accommodate firms of any size. Check out the table below to see what fits your firm.

How it works

Simply take the base monthly cost and add the monthly advisor cost on top to get your total monthly cost.

For example, if your firm has 13 advisors, you will pay $35/month per advisor with the first advisor free ($35 * 12 = $420/mo) and then after adding the base cost, your total monthly price will be $520.

The first advisor in any plan is free! (Save $25-$40/month depending on plan)

Base Cost



1-10 Advisors

$40/month per advisor

11-25 Advisors

$35/month per advisor

26-100 Advisors

$30/month per advisor

101+ Advisors

$25/month per advisor