Payment Processing

Finally, It’s Easy to Get Paid for Your Advice

AdvicePay was created to address the specific billing and payment needs of financial advisors offering fee-for-service advice as part of their practice.

Unlike other options — Pay Simple, PayPal, Quickbooks, and others — you can invoice and receive payment from your clients knowing that you’re avoiding custody.

Accept Multiple Payment Options

Make Payment

AdvicePay makes getting paid for your financial advice easy and convenient — for you, and for your clients.

For easier payments, clients can pay one-time or subscription invoices without creating an AdvicePay account or logging in to their existing account!

AdvicePay processes payments through the following:

  • ACH
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover)
  • Brokerage Accounts (when debits are enabled on the brokerage account)

You Control How You Get Paid

Prefer for clients to only pay by ACH, or do you want to accept credit cards exclusively? Determine which forms of payment you want to accept and customize your payment type settings in AdvicePay.

Escalate Fees Automatically

Effortlessly increase your client’s subscription fee each year by adding an automatic fee escalation! A scheduled escalation can be added to new subscriptions as well as ongoing subscriptions, and will increase the client’s payment each year as long as the subscription remains active.

Fee Escalation

Client Control Helps You Avoid Custody

As an advisor AdvicePay user, you never enter, alter, or control access to your client’s financial accounts. Using the easy-access Client Portal, your clients enter their own financial information, approve payments, and make any account changes throughout the course of your agreement. The AdvicePay system also keeps track of all changes made so that, in the event of an audit, you’re prepared to demonstrate your compliance.

Learn more about how AdvicePay helps you with compliance >

Handle Client Agreements and Payment Agreements at the Same Time

AdvicePay’s eSignature feature enables you to send client and payment agreements in one workflow, simplifying the steps needed to onboard a new client. More on eSignature >

AdvicePay's eSignature Option

Choose the Billing Frequency That Works for You

Minimize the time you spend on (important but time-consuming) billing for your practice and spend more time with your clients when you use AdvicePay.

Invoice options include:

  • One-time payments and start up fees
  • Recurring or subscription payments on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.

Learn more about Billing Options, including invoice customization.