Industry Integrations

At AdvicePay, we value our connections and relationships across the financial advising industry, improving the efficiency and business management experience of financial advisors working in a variety of settings and practice models.

Seamlessly Integrate the AdvicePay Platform with the Tools Your Firm Already Uses

Easily export your AdvicePay data to Quickbooks, Xero, or Sage One with our B-Importer Integration. Ideal for advisors serving about 15 or more clients, this integration is a fantastic way to improve efficiency.

This integration allows you to connect your existing DocuSign account to get financial planning agreements and other documents signed as part of your payment requests or independently.

AdvicePay has a single-sign-on (SSO) integration with Envestnet | MoneyGuide. With this integration, advisors using MoneyGuide will be able to access AdvicePay directly to initiate the billing process for financial planning work.

Advisors using AdvicePay and Pontera can export fee information to a file compatible with AdvicePay’s bulk one-time invoice import feature for quick and efficient held-away account billing.

Financial advisors working with Salesforce and AdvicePay are now able to view account-level invoice and subscription data directly within Salesforce client records.

AdvicePay's integration with XLR8, a leading financial services Salesforce overlay technology application for independent RIAs, makes it easy to view AdvicePay data within your Salesforce account.

AdvicePay has a single-sign-on (SSO) integration with the Schwab Advisor Center. With this integration, you can log in to Schwab directly from your AdvicePay account without providing a username or password!

Get your client agreement signed and get paid all in one, easy workflow. Now you can handle more of your client onboarding in one system, saving you time and simplifying the process for your clients.

Our single-sign-on (SSO) integration with Orion gives you one-click access to the AdvicePay advisor portal from your Orion platform, facilitating centralized billing of planning fees.

PreciseFP is a customizable prospect + client data-gathering tool for financial professionals. This integration is bi-directional, meaning that data can flow from PreciseFP to AdvicePay, and vice versa.

AdvicePay has a single-sign-on (SSO) integration with TD Ameritrade's Veo One. With this integration, you can connect to AdvicePay directly from your Veo platform, saving you valuable time.

Our integration with Docupace, a workflow and document management automation solution, makes it easy for you to easily index your documents or invoices in AdvicePay to the correct folder in Docupace.

Our single-sign-on (SSO) integration with eMoney allows you to quickly link or create AdvicePay clients in eMoney and also sync AdvicePay agreements and invoices to a client's eMoney vault.

The Panoramix integration allows you to create a client in AdvicePay, link to an existing client, generate invoices with detailed fee calculations, and update portfolio account activity with fee transactions for accurate performance reports for your clients.

Within a client record on Redtail, you're able to create a client in AdvicePay or link it to an existing one. From there, any linked clients' AdvicePay invoices sync, allowing you to view them in Redtail!

Our integration with Wealthbox allows you to send client contacts from Wealthbox into AdvicePay so that they are automatically created, providing you with streamlined operations when you bill for your services.

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Strategic Partnerships

We're proud to work with the following organizations and associations that support advisors who include the fee-for-service model in their practices.

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