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How to bill for investment advisor recurring fees

You’ve decided to make use of the retainer model. You’ve targeted your niche. You’ve figured out how much to charge. Your next challenge is to work out how to bill your clients within this new model. Until recently, this has presented a struggle, as payment processors used in other industries are not appropriate for the financial planning sector.

Much of this has to do with issues of compliance. How do you provide recurring fees billing for financial planning, while ensuring that your RIA remains compliant?  This is where AdvicePay steps in.  AdvicePay was custom built to offer a monthly billing system targeted at financial planners. Understanding that the needs of the industry dictate that a unique framework is needed to handle recurring payments for financial advisors, AdvicePay created a product that took the guesswork out of creating a compliant billing system. It was important to us to create a product that is user-friendly for both clients and advisors alike.

One of the key benefits of AdvicePay is that it avoids RIAs taking custody over their clients’ funds, thereby securing your compliance. In fact, the system was built to avoid triggering custody completely. The client remains in control of their funds at all times.  Another central element to AdvicePay is ease of use.  Payment processors can end up causing more headaches than they cure.  AdvicePay takes the stress out of this process for both parties.