general questions

What is AdvicePay and what do you do?

How does the free trial work?

Why would I use AdvicePay over other popular payment processors?

What billing options are on the Essential Plan vs. Professional and Enterprise?

What are the transaction costs on AdvicePay?

I want to upgrade my plan, how do I do this?

How does AdvicePay save my firm time?

Do my clients have to approve their subscription payments each month?

How does Enterprise work?


Are there any limits on the amount Advisor’s can bill their clients?

Which payment methods are accepted on AdvicePay?


How do I receive ACH and Credit Card/Debit Card payments?


How does AdvicePay avoid custody?

What features in AdvicePay were added due to regulator concerns?


How does AdvicePay keep information secure?