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Subscription Billing

Streamline Recurring Fees. With AdvicePay, you can set up auto pay for a more straightforward payment processing system. You choose the frequency and amount, and we take care of the electronic invoicing. Once you set up a subscription payment and your client approves it, your client won't have to do anything to trigger future payments! We also send automated notifications to clients to meet compliance regulations.  

NEW: eSignature for Professional & Enterprise

Manage signatures for client agreements and payment agreements in AdvicePay when you add eSignature to your Professional or Enterprise subscription for just $15/month/user.
Learn more about eSignature.


One-time Payments

Easy Payments for One-Time Services. Keeping things easy for your clients is key. The last thing you want to do is complicate payments for clients who are looking for a one-time service. Using AdvicePay, you can send a one-time invoice for an individual service such as a singular financial plan, hourly billing, or an upfront fee to get your client started.

Accept ACH & Credit Cards

Make Payments Simpler for Clients. Get paid the way you want it; because that's the way you need it. Opening up your payment options to include both ACH and credit cards gives your clients the flexibility they need to pay you faster, and in a way that's convenient for both of you. We're committed to transparent online billing - so we include an option that allows you to show processing fees.


Comply with Custody Regulations

Worry Free and Transparent Billing. AdvicePay takes the worry out of compliant billing by using a system that prevents the advisor from seeing client billing information. You'll never have to worry about having custody of your clients' funds. AdvicePay is the first and only compliant billing software - designed with advisors in mind.

Advisor Portal

View Everything in One Place. Our convenient advisor portal feature allows advisors to access the notifications center, track client activity, generate reports, and initiate electronic invoicing - all in the same place.


Client Portal

Billing Information Made Simple and Accessible. As a financial advisor, building a client relationship based on trust is key. Our client portal allows clients to have full access to their own dashboard. This dashboard allows them to securely input their own banking info, manage payments, and see upcoming or past invoices. 

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