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What to charge for financial planning retainers

Your starting point for calculating your financial planner fees in the retainer model is to find out what people are realistically able and willing to pay. While this may seem simple, it is imperative that you conduct the necessary research within your target market to come up with an appropriate pricing structure that fits your clients’ financial demographic. The amount people are willing to spend will be dependent on which niche you identify as most suitable to your business.

Different types of professionals will have different amounts of disposable income every month. Corporate lawyers, for example, may be willing to buy into different fee structures than teachers might be. Depending on your target group, you may have to adjust your fees and services accordingly. In doing so, identify which of your services are the most sought after by the clients in your target reach. You may need to consider constructing a lighter package with fewer services that comes at a lower cost. Much of this work is listening to your clients and their needs. No matter how good your services are, if your clients cannot afford them, you won’t be able to grow your business.

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