Fee Calculator

Easily calculate your fees for one-time and ongoing clients — in AdvicePay.

At AdvicePay, we realize that having confidence in how fees are calculated is a top priority for financial advisors. This powerful, new tool allows you to easily calculate your fees for one-time and ongoing clients for your fee-for-service billing. We are excited to offer this feature for our AdvicePay users at no additional charge.

Use one of our calculator templates, or create your own from scratch.

Fee Calchlator

Calculate your fees and send invoices in one, easy workflow. 

Fee Calculator

Benefits of Using the Fee Calculator: 

  • Standardize fees: Standardize fees at your firm, whether that is amongst clients or ensuring that the same calculator is being used amongst multiple advisors.  We have even added some calculator templates to help you get started!
  • Transparency with regulators : Some regulators have expressed that they want your clients to have transparency into how their fees are calculated. So, you have the option to add the fee calculation to their invoices so both your clients and advisors can have peace of mind!
  • Increase your sales: Knowing you have a standardized way into how your fees are calculated boosts your confidence when selling your services. 
  • Efficient workflows: Calculate your fees and invoice your clients all in one, easy workflow. Maybe you already have an existing method to calculate your fees? By adding your existing calculator to AdvicePay, you’re able to calculate your fees in the same system that you’re invoicing them! Simply create the calculator once, and when you’re invoicing the client use the fee calculator to quickly generate their fee and invoice them.

See the fee calculator in action

Get a full overview of how the fee calculator works in AdvicePay.

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