AdvicePay and Wealthbox Announce New Technology Integration

Advisors are able to get paid faster and more efficiently through innovative client data synchronization.


AdvicePay, the only fee-for-service billing and payment platform designed exclusively for financial advisors, announced today a new client data integration with leading CRM provider Wealthbox. This new capability eliminates the manual steps advisors previously used in their billing processes, saving time and improving accuracy, all of which helps advisors get paid faster.

“Top of our development priorities is to continue to enhance the user experience in AdvicePay,” said AdvicePay Co-founder Alan Moore. “This new integration with Wealthbox will simplify and streamline the billing process for advisors, saving valuable time so that advisors can get paid more quickly.”

This new data integration capability enables advisors to sync client data across platforms and through a single click access that data in both platforms. Wealthbox users can use “Send to” from the Contact Record page in Wealthbox to create clients in AdvicePay. Once clients are created in AdvicePay, they are linked between the two systems, so any future “send to” will direct the user to that client in AdvicePay.

“Wealthbox is happy to have its CRM technology contribute to the new fee-for-service movement led by AdvicePay,” said Caroline Ward of Wealthbox. “The integration between Wealthbox and AdvicePay provides advisors with streamlined operations and expanded choices in how they bill for their services.”

Both AdvicePay and Wealthbox will be demonstrating this new integration at the upcoming XY Planning Network “Live” conference, to be held in St. Louis from September 8-11, 2019. For more information log onto

About AdvicePay 
Established by well-known financial advisors Michael Kitces and Alan Moore, AdvicePay is the only billing and payment processing platform created specifically for fee-for-service financial planning. Financial advisors benefit from efficient invoicing and payment workflows designed exclusively to support their businesses, including up-to-date compliance and data security management. Users can issue agreements for client e-signature, accept ACH and credit cards, bill hourly or one-time fees, or establish recurring retainer or subscription billing compliantly – all through the AdvicePay system.

About Wealthbox 
Wealthbox is a leading CRM technology for financial advisors, RIA networks, and financial enterprise institutions. Known for its intuitive product design combined with powerful features, Wealthbox is made and operated by Starburst Labs, Inc. with offices in New York, NY and Providence, RI.

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