Kestra Financial Partners With AdvicePay to Launch Fee-for-Service Financial Planning

Enterprise solution from AdvicePay will enable Kestra Financial to support the fee-for-service financial planning process for its financial professionals


AdvicePay, the leading fee-payment-processing platform designed exclusively for financial professionals, announced today that Kestra Financial has selected AdvicePay’s Enterprise platform to further its commitment to empower financial professionals’ success and expand its integrated technology platform.

As part of this partnership, Kestra Financial will tap into AdvicePay’s recently launched Engagements workflow platform that includes the ability to automate the entire lifecycle of fee-for-service financial planning engagements, including originating planning agreements, capturing digital signatures, matching agreements with invoices, and processing client payments electronically, while ensuring that financial plans are delivered to clients — all in one comprehensive system from AdvicePay. Further, AdvicePay’s end-to-end platform and automated workflows are launched from Kestra Financial’s financial professional platform, creating a powerful efficiency, compliance, and productivity solution.

“Kestra Financial’s partnership with AdvicePay evolves the business models of our financial professionals to compliantly provide subscription, hourly, and retainer financial planning options to their clients, while expanding choice of payment options,” said John Amore, Executive Vice President and Head of Wealth Management at Kestra Financial.

Associated firm of Kestra Financial, Fish & Associates in Memphis, Tennessee, shared, “We love AdvicePay! From our perspective, it provides a very professional and smooth onboarding experience for clients.”

For enterprise financial services firms, managing the many components of the fee-for-service planning process has been a growing and evolving aspect of back-office and compliance efforts involving separate systems. Particularly as the fee-for-service financial planning movement has been growing rapidly among financial planners, it is also creating operational bottlenecks and manual workflows that are limiting enterprises’ ability to scale fee-for-service planning.

“We are delighted to partner with Kestra Financial in designing a complete enterprise solution for their home office and financial professionals,” said Alan Moore, CEO & co-founder of AdvicePay. “Integrating the many operational, billing, and compliance systems involved in support of the fee-for-service financial planning process has proven to be a complex endeavor for large financial services firms, which is why we are extremely excited to see our Enterprise platform become the go-to solution for firms looking to empower their financial professionals in this new approach to delivering financial planning services.”

About AdvicePay

Established by well-known financial advisors Michael Kitces and Alan Moore, AdvicePay is the only billing and payment processing platform created specifically for fee-for-service financial planning. Financial advisors benefit from efficient invoicing and payment workflows designed exclusively to support their businesses, including up-to-date compliance and data security management. Users can issue agreements for client e-signature, accept ACH and credit cards, bill hourly or one-time fees, or establish recurring retainer or subscription billing compliantly — all through the AdvicePay system.

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About Kestra Financial

Kestra Financial, a division of Kestra Holdings encompassing the Kestra-branded broker-dealer and investment advisers, provides a leading independent wealth management platform that empowers sophisticated, independent financial professionals, including traditional and hybrid RIAs, to prosper, grow, and provide superior client service. With a culture rich in reinvention, Kestra Financial has developed integrated business management technology that, combined with its personalized consulting services, offers exceptional scale and efficiency.

Headquartered in the “Silicon Hills” of Austin, Texas, Kestra Financial offers an experience as unique as the city in which it operates. The firm supports more than 1,800 independent financial professionals in delivering comprehensive securities and investment advisory services to their clients.

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